Facts on Russian Revolution and its impact on India

Communist movement gave birth to Russian Revolution as a promise to give power to people. During interregnum, after the death of Lenin, Stalin came to power. Hidden wealth of Ukraine, exploited their resources, used their manpower, forced them to work in Nickel factory with their bare hand forced them to live in such harsh condition.

  • So workers in order to protest marched towards Siberia. But under Stalin, rather than giving power to people; there was a rise of bureaucracy. 
  • Cataclysmic event happened in Soviet Union.
  • Social democracy is of Europe give rise to prosperity to people.
  • Socialism was as an alternative to Communism in Soviet Union.
  • Stalin wanted to break colonialism.
  • Moreover, opportunities to people have also increased. But equality to your virginity is still an elusive dream.
  • Major findings shows there is great improvement in areas having economic prosperity. On the other hand performance has declined in the areas with less economic prosperity.
  • Access to information and communication end inclusion has assisted a lot to GDP.
  • Health and Wellness and environment is an another area to take care of. But they are least correlated with economic growth.
  • There is also need to focus on social parameters, such that, economy growth should automatically lead to social development, by focusing on policies and directly forgetting social issues.
  • India’s independence has a domino effect on europe’s colonial possession.
  •  During early time communalism had an aim to bring all classes of people together to get rid of external rule.
  •  Second world war withdrew British rule from India.
  • Conservative party under William Churchill was trying to delay the decolonization process.
  • We got loans, economic assistance and political support from Russia after Second World War.

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