It’s the need of an hour to look after your school going children


Three days ago, a post was published on Tribune newspaper, related to child bullying. They said ” Childhood bullying may up heart disease, diabetes risk”.

Parents have become so busy in their life and earning for their family. But they even forget to look after their kids for whom they are working hard day and night.

The chances are bullying can happen to any student. Children who are bullied may experience lifelong health effects related to chronic stress exposure such as increased risk for heart disease and diabetes in adulthood, new research has found.

“Bullying, as a form of chronic social stress, may have significant health consequences if not addressed early. Bullying has long lasting impact on physical health too.

According to me, Bullying is more severe and painful than physical pain. Stress can cause imbalance in hormonal and metabolic processes in the body.

Chronic stress may also impair the child’s ability to develop psychological skills that foster resilience, reducing their capacity to cope with future stress.



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