The Quantum World

                      CH-1 HISTORY OF PHYSICS

All of science that preceded modern astronomy and quantum theory was essentially an attempt by mankind to explain what it saw within its own eyes. Thales of Miletus, who in the 6th century BCE said that every observed phenomenon probably had a perfectly natural explanation. The came Nicolaus Copernicus who made the heliocentric theory which explains that sun is at the middle of the universe.

 Einstein later, and this is why many considered him to be the ” Father of modern science”.


On Hacking

A white hat hacker breaks into system with explicit permission, to provide security against black hat hackers

The grey hat generally has the skills and intent of the white hat but will break into any system or network without permission.

Grey hat hackers are the computer hacker or computer security experts who violate laws, but do not have intent of a black hat hacker.

White hat hacker help others to help with their computer problems. Whereas a grey hat hacker is between a white hat and black hat hacker.

Fig. White hat hacker

Fig. Grey hat hacker


Fig. Black hat hacker

Black hat hackers are also known as Tracker . They perform illegal activities.

For beginners, python is a powerful language to learn hacking skills. Before that one must have a complete knowledge of C and C++ language. Then you must have networking skills,

Hacking is complete understanding of computers and computing. Its  also about exploring and joy of understanding. It is also about digging into problems and solving it.

What’s a Blackhat Hacker?

This content is taken from the magazine PC magazine dot com. A black hat hacker is an individual with extensive computer knowledge whose purpose is to breach or bypass internet security. Black hat hackers  are also known as crackers or dark-side hackers. The general view is that, while hackers build things, crackers break things. They are computer security hackers that break into computers and networks or also create computer viruses. The term “black hat” comes from old westerns where the bad guys usually wore black hats and the good guys wore white ones.

White hat hackers also identify security weaknesses; but, instead of performing malicious attacks and theft, they expose the security flaw in such a way as to alert the owner that there is a breach so they can fix it before a black hat hacker can take advantage of it. Though they often start out as black hat hackers,  white hat hackers sometimes are paid consultants or actual employees of a company that needs its systems protected. Other types of hackers include: blue hat hackers & gray hat hackers.  Blue hat hackers are security professionals that are invited by Microsoft to expose vulnerabilities in Windows products. Gray hat hackers are hackers that perform both malicious activities and helpful ones.